Military Student Loans

Military student loans are one of the many benefits that are provided to current members and former members of the US military and their immediate families.

Another of this type of benefits are the loans that are offered to children of such personnel. Usually, these benefits come in the form of military student loans that are aimed at helping fund college education.

Many institutions, both public and private are offering such military student loans. In the current markets, many of these firms are offering different structured loans that are providing educational assistance.

Such student loans are payable from the financial aids and benefits that are accorded to a parent or both parents, who are retired, or still active, in the military.

Through the years, as awareness of such loans have been bolstered, the volume of such form of educational aids are on the constant rise. The market for such loans is ever-growing that there are a number of companies that specialize in the provisions of this form of military student loans.

The children of active and former military personnel can choose from many different loan-providing specialists in the market. They can easily get quotes and compare the terms and conditions of such loans so they could strive to get the best rates.

Applying for military student loans

More interesting is the existence of interest-free student loans especially made for the children of military personnel, both active and retired.

Aside from offering interest-free loans, the loan amounts can also be renewed annually for a maximum of five years. Because of this, the student loan grantees would never have to worry about potential funding problems for their education.

To apply for any of these student loans, the student will initially be required to complete documentary requirements that usually include authenticated birth certificates, authorization from the offices of the military parents, identifications and pictures.

In other loan providers, some other requirements may be asked from the student to ensure that the applicant is a legal and authorized dependent of the former, or still active, military member.

Military student loans application forms are distributed as necessary requirements to be filled up by the student before the application pushes through. The student has to make sure all the details and data asked by the forms are truthful and unpadded.

Legal protection

There are legislations that safeguard the provision of such loans. Thus, it can be asserted that student financial assistances are part of the many benefits accorded to the loyal military personnel.

The former and active military members’ retirement funds will serve as the security or assurance that such loans will be paid in the future. Some providers, as mentioned above, waive interest rates for such loans, while others impose very minimal rates.

Comparatively, military student loans for children of military personnel are much more attractive than those for children of private and public employees. Experts say that this is to provide the military members the feeling that their services rendered for the country are very much recognized and justly rewarded.


Legal children of military members are primarily eligible for military student loans for former and active military personnel.

The students must also be under the age of 24 years upon the application process. If the student loan applicant’s age fall higher than that, they would no longer be eligible for the loans.

However, there are special and very rare cases when older offsprings of military members are given the privilege to secure such student assistance programs.

The student must also enroll in an accredited university or college within the school year when the loan is processed. To find out which schools are covered by the assistance program, inquiries can be made at the military offices or at the student loan providers.

The student-applicant must also retain a good scholastic standing to help him qualify for the program. Cumulative GPA of the student must be at least 3.0 or the equivalent in other education scale.

The applicant must also aim to maintain a full-time student standing. Part-time students or those who intend to be such will be advised to either shift to full-time or freeze the application.

Military student loans cover only undergraduate programs, so if the applicant is aiming to get a post-grad degree, he may not be eligible for the military-membership assistance.

With such a program, children of former and active military members should really be thankful that their parents are good citizens and protectors of national security. The country really appreciates the military and knows they deserve these good military student loans.