Military Home Loan Lending

When it comes to home loan lending, there are so many providers to choose from it can be confusing. How do you choose the best of the many home loan lenders that are available?

Step one is to take your time and do your homework. Shop around and get competitive rates from a lot of sources. Don’t just take the first loan you find. Make the lenders work hard for your business.

Step two is to see yourself as doing them a favor, instead of you asking for one. These home loan lending companies make a very nice commission on your loan. They will bend over backwards to get your business. You have something they want, the income they will earn from putting your loan together. Always remember that you are the customer and the customer is king.

Step three is to get the firms to compete for your business. After you narrow it down to three home loan lending companies, tell all three that you are impressed with all three and that you will let the best one earn your business. Ask for something extra, a lower interest rate, lower closing costs, better terms, you name it. Often times, one company will throw in a sweetener to earn your business away from their competitors.

Keep in mind that right now the housing market is not booming like it once was, and home loan lenders are scrambling to maintain their business levels. They are much more flexible on their terms and are more aggressive on their lending offers.

In conclusion, home loan lending is like any other business. The companies all want you as their customer. So make them work for your business.